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AI to Know Your Customers

Video Marketing Analytics with AI to Know Your Customers

Artificial intelligence technology with facial recognition has become quite advanced. These days, its utility far exceeds security cameras at airports and smartphone lock systems. One of the industries that are experiencing massive growth from AI-enabled facial recognition technology is retail.

Know your customers better with AI

AI has already become one of the biggest retail industry trends; helping e-commerce companies track and understand customers’ online shopping behavior. But today, brick-and-mortar retail stores are using AI to tap to understand customer shopping behavior on the floor. This information is being used to create personalized, targeted marketing content for customers.

But how do retailers do this? Through video surveillance systems, of course.

AI cameras have become very popular in stores today. These cameras are video surveillance systems that are powered with AI facial recognition technology. They record customer movement within the store and match recordings of repeat visitors to provide retailers information about individual customers.

For example, AI cameras record factors like:

The aisles a shopper visits (and the order he follows)
The time a shopper spends in each aisle
The brands the shopper chooses
The brands the shopper doesn’t show interest in
The number of times the shopper visits the store and what he does on each visit

This information helps brands identify who their most valuable customers are. This way, brands can know which customers are worth spending time and effort nurturing.

AI cameras with facial recognition also help retailers understand the shopping psychology of each, individual customer. It allows them to craft more personalized experiences in-store. The next time the customer visits the store, he may be pleased to see his favorite aisles stacked with his favorite brands or his go-to-products having amazing discounts and offers. Levi’s is a great example. The company used AI cameras to understand which sizes customers asked for the most in each store and then made these sizes available to customers.

AI cameras also supplement the retailer’s online marketing efforts. They allow retailers to match the physical persona of the customer with his digital profile using AI generated algorithms. These algorithms act as cookies which monitor and store the digital footprint of customers; allowing retailers to target their customers online. Now, the next time a customer logs into Facebook or Instagram, they will receive targeted advertisements from the brand (whose store they visited), about products they saw in the store, but didn’t buy. This type of continuous reinforcement increases the customer’s likelihood of purchasing the product the next time he visits the store.

If you’re a retailer looking to increase your in-store engagement and profitability, remember to use video marketing for business using artificial intelligence powered cameras in-store

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