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AI Marketing Analytics with Privacy by Design

Customer is the king. The age-old business mantra is more relevant today than ever before. Thanks to the availability of a wide range of options, the modern consumer does not think twice before switching loyalty. Businesses know that they can no longer ignore their customers’ voices. Over the past few years, companies have started focusing on improving their customer experience and marketing services.

An essential ingredient to success

To serve your customers better, you first need to know them. One way to engage your customers is by exposing them to valuable ads that will benefit them. There are many reasons why every business must have an artificial intelligence marketing strategy. A good AI marketing strategy will engage your customers and can boost conversions and sales. To get actionable insights, you need to analyze your target audience.

One of the many ways you can analyze your customer data is to get their information from social media or other platforms. With the new artificial intelligence technology, companies can now get their customers data through video cameras already installed at their locations. This could cause privacy concerns for consumers.

How to address privacy concerns when collecting data

In today’s world snooping is a major concern. Everyone from governments to MNCs wants consumer data. As consumers become more aware of privacy issues, the demand that data collection bodies act responsibly when collecting and using data is gaining momentum. Privacy advocates are pressurizing their governments to come up with strong data privacy laws. To win your target audience over, you need to assure them that you won’t misuse their data. To win the trust of your customers and prospects:

  • Get their consent
  • Explain why you’re collecting data and how it will be used
  • Offer incentives
  • Use stricter consent requirements (consent must be explicit)
  • Educate your target audience on the data security steps that you take

Make privacy your first concern when purchasing a SaaS  marketing analytic product.

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