AI-Enabled Facial Recognition Systems Can Protect Your Store From Shoplifters: Here’s How

Shoplifters are a huge problem for retailers around the world. Studies show that shoplifters are caught only once every 48 times they shoplift. This can cause massive financial losses for retailers.

Thankfully, today we have the technology to prevent shoplifting and catch shoplifters in the act.

No, we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill CCTV cameras, but we’re actually getting into state-of-the-art AI-enabled face verification.

How artificial intelligence is saving shopkeepers form shoplifters

Facial recognition technology is growing at a tremendous pace and has become one of the biggest assets for retailers that require top-grade store security. Many retailers around the world are implementing AI-powered face verification in their video surveillance retail technology. These AI-powered systems track each and every individual in the store and:

  • Identifies common visitors and evaluates the frequency of their visits.
  • Tracks their movement and shopping patterns.
  • Identifies which products they touch, pick up, put back, and keep.
  • Recognizes how many people (and who) actually stand at the check-out queue.
  • Slows down and zooms into every person’s actions and facial expressions.

Through this, AI-enabled facial recognition technology is helping retailers spot anomalies in shopper behavior and in many cases identify shoplifters who hadn’t been caught before. So if the same shoplifter were to enter a store, AI-powered CCTV security surveillance can flag retailers and help them take immediate action.

All of this, say experts, takes place in 2-3 seconds, thereby allowing shopkeepers to alert the police before the kleptomaniac realizes the trap.

Protecting retailers from ill-intentioned employees

Some employees give their friends and families free products from the store without scanning them at the checkout line, meaning that they essentially become shoplifters. AI-enabled facial recognition technology, when placed at checkout lines, can help shop owners identify which employees indulge in such unethical behavior and put a stop to it.

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